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The Department of Crop Production was created in 1987, one year after the establishment of the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology. The Department has graduated scores of students since its inception. While some are working as Agricultural Officers in Ministries of Agriculture, some are Agricultural Officers in Banks, others are Teachers/Lecturers while others are self-employed. The Department started so as to meet the needs of the society in manpower development in the field of Agriculture especially Crop Production.

The Department mounts courses that lead to the award of:
i. B. Tech (Agriculture) with options in Crop Production and Horticulture.
ii. M. Tech (Crop Production)
iii. M. Tech Crop Protection)
iv. M. Tech. (Agronomy) in collaboration with Department of Soil Science and Land
v. PGD (Crop Production)

In addition to the above, the Department undertakes studies leading to the award of:
i. PhD (Crop Production) with options in the following areas:
a. Crop Breeding/Genetics
b. Crop Physiology
c. Horticulture
d. Seed Technology
e. Post-Harvest Technology
f. Weed Science

ii. PhD (Crop Protection) with options in the following areas:
a. Bacteriology
b. Entomology
c. Mycology
d. Nematology
e. Virology

To serve humanity globally by training both undergraduate and postgraduate students through teaching and conduct of researches that are relevant to farmers’ problems and provides consultancy services in crop production and horticulture.
i. To adequately train students in the fields of Crop Production, Horticulture and Crop Protection..
ii. To provide green/screenhouses for research in special areas.
iii. To encourage students to participate in the design and planting of landscapes.
iv. Vigorous involvement in internally and externally funded research work
v. Vigorous consultancy drive.

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