About Us

The School houses six Departments namely; Agricultural Economics and Extension Technology, Animal Production, Crop Production, Food Science and Technology, Soil Science and Land management and Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology. The school offer BTech, MTech and PhD degrees in various disciplines.

To provide a world class environment for high quality academic and technological training in all areas of Agriculture suitable for the developments of high caliber manpower and to generate sustainable improvement in all areas of Agriculture, through teaching, research and extension to local and international communities.

To provide graduates that are adequately equipped with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for engaging in efficient Agricultural production for self-employment and conducting of cutting edge problems solving research in aspect of Agriculture.

The School strives to achieve an excellent level of performance in the area of,
1. Development of high level manpower in Agriculture and related discipline
2. Exposure of individuals to the practice of modern Agriculture
3. Equipping of individuals with Agricultural research skills relevant to the growth and development of the nation.
4. Enriching communities with information emanating from research findings, and providing advisory services to farmers.

A world-class Department committed to the provision of high quality services through teaching, research and extension to local and international communities for sustainable exploitation of soil and environmental resources.


To enhance the frontiers of knowledge in soil and environmental sciences through teaching and research to popularize the conservation of soil, water and environmental resources for optimum productivity and sustainability of agriculture, and human and animal wellness.

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